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    My Fishing Tutorial (Basic)


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    My Fishing Tutorial (Basic)

    Post by Revival on Fri Jul 22, 2011 12:37 pm

    Alright...so we've all seen it in Pokemon and even in a few other RPGs (FF12, Legend of Legaia, etc.) And it is fishing. In every game fishing seems to have served a different purpose...In Pokemon the goal was to obtain a new character...In Legaia you collected points based on your catch which would determine what prizes you could afford in a points shop... In my game you catch fish at random which simply act as regular items but can only be used from the menu. Either way, fishing is a fun little mini game and it will add a little interactivity to your game.

    I'm gonna teach everybody out there how to do this extremely easily

    1. First you're going to need to go in the database and create these 2 or 3 if you want to include bait:

    -A Fishing Pole (Key item, non-consume)

    -A fish (My first is a goldfish that heals 10% HP and poison)

    -Lastly as an extra option you can include bait (which would also be a non consume key item, however you can price this one).

    2. Step two is to create a variable, which will determine how often a player catches a fish when fishing...to do this enter the eventing menu > select the option Control Variables...once you enter this menu click the option single (or name it if it's already selected). Next on the form click Set under the operation tab..then lastly under the Operand tab select random...this is where you can now choose the rarity of a catch...

    My odds are 1 in 25 per cast...to achieve this I simply changed the two numbers in the random line to 0 ~ 25...so every time that variable gets called upon now it has a 1 in 25 chance of landing a fish... sadly though... we aren't done yet.

    3. The next thing is setting up a blank event over water, on same level as player, with an action button trigger...then do your best to duplicate this code (If you have a couple hours of experience with RMVX this will be no problem, noobs beware you might confuse yourself)

    Conditional Branch: [Fishing Rod] is in inventory
    Conditional Branch: [Earth worm] is in inventoy <---Optional (only if you include bait)
    Control Variables: [001: Goldfish odds] = random No. (0...25)
    Conditional Branch: Variable [001: Goldfish odds] == 3 <---(Whenever random hit's the
    #3 you win)
    Play SE: 'Water1', 80, 100
    Text: Alright I caught a goldfish!
    Change Items: [Goldfish], + 1
    Change Items: [Earthworm], - 1

    Play SE: 'Miss', 80, 100
    Text: Hmmm no bites...
    Change Items: [Earthworm], - 1

    Branch End

    (If you included bait in your fishing this is where you would write: I have no bait!)
    Branch End


    (Here you can insert a message like: I can't fish without a fishing rod...however I personally would leave this blank so nothing happens)
    Branch End

    Everything in bold is bait related and is strictly optional...this is just a basic fishing event...with the use of more variables and baits you can expand the options a player has in terms of fish to catch...you can make it so certain baits only attract certain fish etc. It's a really good basic tutorial to build upon, try it Very Happy

    If you have a basic understanding of eventing this is really easy to do and adds a new little component to your game, good luck and enjoy everybody!

    ALSO: As a last note, if anybody out there has good fishing SFX it would be a good idea to link them to this thread, I know I'd find it useful and so would anybody using this tutorial

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    Re: My Fishing Tutorial (Basic)

    Post by Seppie on Sat Jul 30, 2011 7:48 pm

    Great tutorial. Love to add this into my project, Be A Hero!

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