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    Night Within A Day -[story]-


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    Night Within A Day -[story]-

    Post by Evie on Mon Aug 01, 2011 2:00 pm

    Story: A Night With In A Day

    As I exited the deep woods the crimson moon came into full sight,
    It seemed closer than ever. I stumbled over a few stray roots and my already
    shredded shirt fell to the ground. But I just kept walking.
    It was over.
    The once happy , lively place held no hope.
    No life.
    Only death.
    And in the dark of then night, lost deep in thought of the unthinkable,
    I struggled to find my way home. But what way? If i could even find a way home , would i
    stay? Or just leave again, and go through this hell all over again?
    Chapter 1.

    - -The Moon was bright. Too bright. It lit up the night almost as much
    as the sun lit the day. Broken bodies lay strewn, tossed around. I went from one to another.
    Faces , all the faces, my friends, my family.
    All the faces were there.But there was no life in their eyes. Their clothes, drenched in blood,
    Skin cut, shredded and torn.
    I Stood there frozen. I heard it, The piercing noise.
    It took me a minute to realize it was me. It was my screams that rang, and hung, and
    pierced the air. I felt a drip. It started to pour.
    But there was no rain.
    The sky cried tears of blood " No" i muttered,
    " No No No No No No No No NO! NO!!"--
    I sat straight up in bed. " Blood" i muttered.
    But I wasn't covered in blood.
    Only a thick layer of sweat. I glanced over
    The digital clock on the night stand read 2:30 a.m..
    "oh... god..." i huffed
    I flicked on the lamp. The shadows danced away and were replaced by the familiar
    objects of my room. I threw the covers to the floor. 32 degree out, but i was burning.
    Pacing around the room the wood floor was like ice on my feet.
    a cold winters ind blew in and sent a chill up my spine.
    I looked for an open window. There wasn't one.
    No curtains blowing.
    No windows up.
    But an icy breeze blew through my body. I sat on the bed and reach for the phone.
    I dialed 477-5991
    "Hello??" he sounded groggy
    "Daniel?" I was panicked, scared, but i tried to keep my voice steady.
    " Carrie?? Carrie whats wrong??"
    " They're getting worse"
    Daniel had been my best Friend for so long that i couldn't remember a time when i
    didn't know him.
    " How bad??"
    He sounded calm, but i knew him, i knew he was worried.
    " Bad"
    " I'm gonna get Em. We'll be there i a bit, can you hang in there until then??"
    " I nodded. But it was useless.
    He couldn't see me nod, so i mutter
    " yea" and hung up
    I sat there , i don't know how i ended up on the floor but i did, I leaned against my bed.
    The breeze was still blowing through my room, and right through me.
    I didn't wan to know how. I just sat there and drifted , lost in thoughts, dreams.
    I didn't even hear the door open as Daniel and Em walked in.
    "Perks of having key to your house" Daniel muttered
    " Hey Cal, how ya holding up?" Emalie always had such a soft voice. don't get me wrong, she
    could yell, rant and rave, but she had a soothing voice.
    Holding...but not well... I'm running out of some glue..
    "Daniels lips curved into a crooked crescent smile
    "Come on Cal" he sat down beside me " Talk to us"
    I babbled on, and on in a droning voice. Giving e very detail, every little, gory detail. and
    when i finished Emalie's already pale skin was whiter than i sheet,
    " You mean..you saw us... dead??
    "Emaile was scared, that was good.
    If she was scared she'd be careful. Emalie was a cautious person, Daniel wasn't.
    No matte how scared he got, being careful wasn't in his nature
    No one spoke. The silence was a strange comfort. I laid my head on my
    knees.Emalie whispered to Daniel, but I couldn't hear what she said.
    I saw him nod.'Cal, you should stay with one of us, or alternate, or
    something, you don't need to be in this house alone. Jeez your a 17
    year old girl alone in this huge house!"It was true, mom had been
    dead for years and dad, well he might as well have been dead. He'd
    been gone long enough that he was dead to me. Technically I was
    under my aunts care, but she worked at the hospital and volunteered
    at the shelter. She was never home
    " alright, alright already, sheesh" i muttered " I'm fine here, your
    worrying about me? I just saw you DEAD. You guys, Not me, what if i
    can't stop it this time, huh? what if i screw up again?! Did you
    think about that?!"
    " Callie" he whispered, stroking my cheek,
    " We've stopped it before, and we'll stop it again"
    " Come on Call"
    Emily was packing me some clothes, they we're determined not to let me
    stay alone. Daniel handed me a note book and a pen, "write your aunt a not OK?"
    I nodded and with shaking hands wrote out the note
    Dear Aunt Savannah,
    I'm going to be camping out at Daniels for a bit,
    Before you go getting worried, I'm fine, just had a little too much Time alone.
    Love ya, see ya coon,
    Love Callie.
    " OK Call, got a weeks worth of clothes, your note book, sketch book, bathroom supplies , anything else?"
    I nodded " Top drawer under neath the clothes, ..."
    She reached in the drawer and shrieked at what she pulled out.
    My dagger.
    Pure silver, sharper then you could imagine, gold trimmed handle, carvings
    etched into the handle, could cut through anything.
    " Callie..." Em muttered " Is this necessary??"
    Daniel looked at me
    " My dad gave it too me..."
    He nodded
    " Just put it in the bag Em"


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    Re: Night Within A Day -[story]-

    Post by Seppie on Mon Aug 01, 2011 2:11 pm

    I like it... :] Can't wait for the next chapter.

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