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    Chomp, Chomp, Attack!


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    Chomp, Chomp, Attack!

    Post by Seppie on Wed Aug 03, 2011 6:02 pm

    Chomp, Chomp, Attack! - Her Bleeding Smile

    Chomp, Chomp, Attack! (CCA!) is a newly formed Emo/Pop-Punk/Screamo band from Montreal. They are an amazingly refreshing band, with sweet lyrics and undeniably well-played instruments. The drums could get you up and dancing, the guitars could get you headbanging and the screaming/singing will have you doing it too! Be sure to check out their facebook page [LINK] and look out for their EP coming this fall!!!

    You can listen to some of their songs [HERE] at their band page. I, personally, enjoy 'Not So Happily Ever After'

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