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    Keeper Of The Graves


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    Keeper Of The Graves

    Post by Evie on Sun Aug 07, 2011 4:32 pm


    lighting flashes
    and cracks the sky
    The house creeks and moans
    as the wind blows by
    Through the shanty floor boards
    a chill turns and arrives
    look through the broken window
    and the grave yard you will find
    broken tombs above the ground
    scattered bodies below
    walk from stone to stone
    the demon will surely follow
    The old man stumbles
    through a fragile front door
    And continues past the photo
    of the smile he once wore
    His hair, , so thin and gray,
    Skin so rough and dry
    He's dead through out the day
    but at night he is revived
    skeleton key hangs from his belt
    of real skeleton bone
    a shriek pierces the night air
    but the owner is left unknown
    the time has come
    flashlight in hand
    he stumbles through the back door
    making his way
    through death and decay
    the keeper of the graves comes once more
    drifting past the tombstones
    his head is filled with bravery
    his heart filled with dread
    i whistle rings in the air
    coming from something unknown
    it is the keeper of the graves final task
    to capture the spirit in it's home
    He recites the words
    glowing in the night
    praying in his head
    that he'll make it out alive
    the tombs began to dance
    ghostly chains rattle
    and spirits moan
    until deep in the darkness
    he and the demon are alone

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    Re: Keeper Of The Graves

    Post by Seppie on Sun Aug 07, 2011 5:58 pm

    Melikes. <3 Very Happy

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