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    ALL MEMBERS READ! Site Reconstruction


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    ALL MEMBERS READ! Site Reconstruction

    Post by Revival on Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:24 am

    Broken forums will be undergoing slight changes, including a new theme which I'm currently working on, it will take time so bear with me... Shit won't be right for a day or two. From what most of you should already no Broken forums was largely centered around Evie's literature and a combo pack of mine and Seppie's RPG Maker support...however Seppie will no longer by working with RPG Maker so he has passed the forum on to me, as I have more time at my disposal to actively operate this forum.

    The forum is currently undergoing certain changes regarding content and target audience and even the entire purpose.

    Posts have been deleted or changed, many changes have already been made...

    Broken Forums will now be an outlet dedicated to bringing the internet's hidden talent out. I know this place probably won't explode in popularity but I'd like to get something going, I'm interested in other people's ideas and seeing where the human imagination can take us...

    Broken Forums will now support artists of every type; musician, writers, rappers, you name it. If it involves creativity we want it to flourish.

    Broken Forums will also no longer be supporting posts with nudity merely because children will have access to the site and we need this place to stay legit.

    If you want a specific Forum or Category created you can request via an inbox.

    The first 3 fully active users to reach 100 posts will be made into moderators until I feel they are unfit to carry out their duties... in other words, if you show some initiative, you can gain some power...and trust me a forum is a lot more fun when you're a moderator... Moderators must be consistent posters and be able to provide some kind of aid to the users of the forum...this means if you can't use BBcode you won't be accepted...you need to know what you're doing... I also review old posts for editing, editing allows me to determine your ability to perfect everything you see.

    For the moderators I do choose; know now I won't tolerate abuse of power.

    Don't be a dink, if somebody sucks at something encourage them, don't put the down.

    Since Seppie has retired I have taken on my first task ever of being an Admin...the first few days might be rough...but hopefully we can get this place the jump start it needs!

    Seppie has noted that he will be back from time to time, and he will be providing us with a link to his new forums as soon as they're ready, I hope the transition doesn't prevent you from sharing your work here as well (user's who came at Seppie's request). Here at broken we'll still appreciate anything you give us Very Happy

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